Diamond Inclusions

American Institute of Diamond Cutting, Inc.


The mere mention of the word "diamond," evokes thoughts such as purity,

brilliance, value, rarity and of course love.  This website lists only specifically

chosen books that will educate and answer many questions that the reader may

have in the world of diamonds. Each one of these books applies to

different people whether they be a diamond cutter, gemologist, diamond

grader, miner, buyer/seller of rough diamonds, appraiser, diamond dealer,

retail jeweler, or students seeking a better understanding of diamonds.


The first two books, "Diamond Inclusions" and "Diamonds, Rough to

Romance" are recently published books. They both contain in various sections

of these works unique and one of a kind information on diamonds. 


"Rough Diamonds, A Practical Guide" is considered a best seller in the industry

and the only book devoted entirely to rough diamond crystals. 


Other books that are listed are unique to specific subject areas on diamonds. 

These books will serve to educate and incite us to greater understanding of

these unique crystals we call diamonds.