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Diamonds, Rough to Romance by Yasukazu Suwa & Andrew Coxon


Book Size: 12" x 8 1/2 " Hardcover (30.50cm x 22cm)

Number of Pages:128 high gloss

This book is visually satisfying to the eye. There are numerous full page and double page one of a kind photographs on rough and finished diamonds. It is organized in three sections.

 A. Rough diamond to polished diamond. It details the basic rough crystal shapes with full color photos of finished diamonds mounted in jewelry. It also takes you through the main rough diamond producing countries and the type and quantity of production.

B. The history of diamond cutting and polishing, from the primitive table cut to the modern round brilliant.

C. Beauty and value in relation to size and shape. This section describes fancy shape and round brilliant cuts and their relative value to each other.

This book is full of up to date and relevant information on both rough and polished diamonds. It is a must read to all those related to the diamond industry.

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